The Fordham Alternative is a progressive, independent publication created by the members of Fordham Students United. We are a student activist coalition that explicitly condemns racism, misogyny, anti-LGBTQ bigotry, ableism, class division and xenophobia. Collectively, we recognize our place within our university and the student body, and we understand that the issues within the Fordham community are both symptomatic of and representative of larger problems off-campus and outside of the university system.

We recognize the issues within the framework of an institutional media: censorship of critiques directed toward administrative bodies, alteration of deliberate language, filtering of nuance, misrepresentation and underrepresentation. This is media created by students who find it unacceptable that bias is repackaged into neutrality and outright bigotry is allowed to be presented as informed opinion.

In order to ensure that student voices get the amplification they deserve, we aim to provide a platform through which people feel empowered to speak out against all forms of institutional discrimination. Moreover we seek to address the underlying roots of these problems. Thus, our aim is to provide students with an alternative source of news to ensure clarity and offer a promise of social consciousness.


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